Carnie's Comments

Time for Throwback Thursday as we take a look back and share memories during this, our 100th anniversary at CHAB.

 Long time listener "Margaret" shared a memory via email earlier this year and it sparked memories for me.

She said, "...when I was walking up Main Street, probably 1985, there was a payphone around Houston Pizza...the phone rang as I was walking by.  I answered and he was talking to me, said he was from CHAB.  Not sure if he was trying to hook up or just have radio time with me."

That was back when we were across the street at 116 Main Street North and we had so much fun with that payphone.  We called it frequently.

It was around 1987 when I was a part of the CHAB Morning Crew, we noticed the same man checking that phone for change - same time - every day.

So one morning we called as he approached and he jumped, took a step back and stared at the  phone for a few seconds before answering.

My friend Barrie Vice told the old fella it was the "payphone police" calling and we'd have to confiscate any money he found in that phone.

The guy chuckled but from that day forward, before he checked the phone, he'd always stop and take a suspicious look around to make sure no one was watching.  

Oh, the fun we had with that phone!