Carnie's Comments


I suppose I have conducted thousands of interviews over the years and most of them went very well.  However, there have been several that didn't and I believe I can remember most of them.

One I'll never forget was up in Saskatoon at a Canadian Hockey League all-star game.  I was up there to cover the game and the events that surrounded it, including a day at the rink that included a presentation from Brett "The Toaster" Williams.  Remember him?

The Toaster, 6 foot 3, 260 pounds of defensive lineman.  He had retired from football and was working for a fitness equipment company, as I recall.  He was at the event to promote their products.

So, I offered him an interview and he accepted, of course.

The cordial conversation turned awkward a few minutes in when I was looking up, way up, asking a question and as spoke, this little splash of gob came out of my mouth and made the trip all the way up and landed on The Toaster's nose.

Oh, I was embarrassed.

The Toaster was startled.  The expression on his face was one of disgust.

He casually reached up and wiped it off and his tone made it clear that would be the last question he would answer from me that day.

I wonder if he tells this story too.