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So much history on one beautiful postcard.  

It's time for Throwback Thursday on Carnie's Comments.

I don't know who dropped it off but what a gift we received earlier this month.

It's a postcard, postmarked June 14th, 1945.  The 3-cent postage stamp depicts King George VI.  

The card was also rubber stamped with a logo that reads, "Milk for Britain".  I've learned it was a radio appeal for milk for British children - a wartime effort.  Members of Kinsmen Clubs across Canada raised funds to purchase powdered milk.  By the end of the campaign, the Kinsmen raised close to $3 million and sent 50 million quarts of milk to the British kids.

Pictured on the postcard are CHAB announcers Dick Lillico and a smiling Cy Knight, seated at a piano.  There's a CHAB microphone and a woman seated beside Cy with a banjo along with a neatly dressed trio of female backing vocalists - one with a guitar.

It was sent to a Muriel Boyton in Lillestrom, Saskatchewan, now an abandoned settlement.


A photo of a 1945 vintage postcard