Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday...just a minute to remember the good old days.

I'm thinking about my first concert today. It was the mid-70s when Bachman Turner Overdrive was on tour. They were the hottest act on the planet.

It was outdoors at the old Regina Exhibition grandstand. I think there were around 4000 seats and, as I recall, attendance was estimated at 11,000. It was overwhelming for a little boy to be in the middle of that mass of humanity.

The boys from BTO came into the park in limousines and the crowd erupted. I'll never forget that night. I had never seen or heard anything like that before. The show was fabulous. BTO delivered non-stop, heart-pounding rock 'n roll. The sound, the lights - so good.

And I remember that today as Randy Bachman and C.F. "Fred" Turner prepare to take BTO on tour again this fall. Bachman just turned 80. Turner celebrates his 80th birthday next month.

The heart of rock 'n roll is still beating.


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