Carnie's Comments


It's Thursday - THROWBACK THURSDAY on the daily commentary...just a minute to remember the good ol' days.

Remember when we had to think for ourselves? Remember when "research" meant you had to go to the library or dive into the encyclopedia?

These days people are talking about A-I - artificial intelligence. I've seen an A-I computer program in action. It blew my mind. It's kind of scary.

Is it good? Is it great? Is it a monster? Time will tell.

It reminds me of the changes we made in radio at the turn of the century - moving from tape and typewriters to digital audio and computers. Advances in technology can be intimidating for many of us.

I think I'm going to avoid the A-I for as long as I can, much like I walk right past those self-checkout stations in retail stores.

Am I stubborn? Am I old and crusty? 

Could be...but I think I'll strive to keep our radio conversations all human, all the time...with a little assistance from the World Wide Web from time to time!


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