Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday - just a minute to share memories of days gone by.

It was 30 years ago or more when everyone in Moose Jaw and area was tuned to their local radio station to get the updates.

A man robbed a bank in small-town Saskatchewan and word was he was driving towards Moose Jaw. It wasn't long before RCMP and city police had a home surrounded. They believed their suspect was in the house.

The boss called me to action. I'd be the on-the-spot reporter with the Motorola bag phone.

I got as close to the scene as I could and called back live reports to the station.

A friend of mine came out and invited me inside his home, saying they had a great view of the house from their back deck. We had coffee and I continued reporting, telling listeners the RCMP Swat Team had surrounded the house but had yet to make a move.

Next thing I know, city police officers, three of them, were banging on my friend's door looking for me!

I was told to cease the reporting immediately or I'd be charged with obstruction.

I was kind of ticked off but I obeyed the order.

We then watched the police enter the home and they soon exited without a suspect in custody. He wasn't there. He was never there. He was long gone.

What a waste of time that was.