Carnie's Comments


Time for Twitter Tuesday.  I find the best of the week from the Twitterati.

Here's a young man who Tweets, "Half of what I know about tools and all of what I know about creative swearing came from when I helped my dad fix the car when I was a kid."

This guy says, "I'm single by choice.  Their choice, but still..."

I like this one, "My life is either all or nothing and let me tell you, I've totally mastered the nothing part."

Maybe you can relate to this guy who Tweets, "Back to work after two weeks off and my inbox is a colony of carpenter ants."

I'll bet this guy was in trouble last night before he wrote, "They should do a cooking show where couples try to cook a meal missing an important ingredient one of them was supposed to buy earlier."

And some good advice from a fellow for the fellas, "When your wife says, 'When you have a minute', it's wise to drop whatever you're doing and immediately have a minute."