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It's Twitter Tuesday time!

This guy shares, "What level of sadness is it when you know you have Twitter notifications but don't check them right away so you have something to look forward to later?"

How's summer vacation going?  Well, this mom Tweets, "Whoever said it was the journey and not the destination didn't have screaming kids in the car."

This funny fella says, "I hate seeing a parking spot that says 'Reserved Parking'.  It just means another person is doing better than me in life."

Here's a guy who Tweets, "On the next Unsolved wife and I investigate why we don't have enough hangers for the clothes we washed that were on hangers before we washed them."

On a related note, this woman quotes her husband who said, "Everything is dishwasher safe if you don't care enough about it."

And one more from comedian Brent Butt who asks, "Could climate change be causing the rising number of shark attacks leading to a plunge in crypto currency markets influencing TikTok celebrities?  #onetweetwithALLthehottopics #socialmediagenius