Carnie's Comments


Time for Twitter Tuesday - I find the best of the best from the Twitterati and share with you!

This dad writes, "Back to school shopping...but it's just me doing a smash-and-grab in the company supply closet."

Here's a local guy who Tweets, "Hearing the Blue Jays are close to acquiring the hefty lefty out of the Moose Jaw Slo Pitch League but they're having trouble convincing the league to adapt a new rule where they only throw me bright yellow balls on a 12-foot arc.  Will update as more becomes available."

This guy Tweets, "Last week my son asked me why we don't just call them 'water hydrants' and I still don't have an answer for him."

Comedian Brent Butt shares, "Airport announcement keeps referencing a flight to 'Winnipeg City' which really lends the destination a touch of sass."

Here's a married fella who Tweets, "The worst thing a wife can say to her husband is, 'Guess what today is?'."

And, one more from a married woman who shares, "My husband says he doesn't know when it became his job to make the coffee.  I don't know when it became his job either but I'm glad he agrees it's his job!"