Carnie's Comments


It's our treat of the week - Twitter Tuesday on CHAB.  I find the best Tweets just for you.

This one from a gal from last night, "Netflix is so cute asking me if I'm still watching.  Yes, hun, I have no life.  I'm still here."

Here's a sassy lady I follow who says, "It's a shame I've never been picked to sit on a jury.  I can tell if someone's guilty just be looking at them."

"Real Life Mom" cracks me up.  First, she shares, "My husband found an old photo album and turns out we used to be young" and she followed that up with this, "My husband bought harmonicas for our kids and now I need to find a new family."

Brent Butt on Twitter, "Started yesterday by having a muffin with my coffee.  And yes...I am aware that it's basically like having a piece of cake for breakfast because that's what I did this morning and yeah, it's pretty similar."

Comedian Dan Regan Tweets, "I started singing 'I Wear My Sunglasses at Night'.  My nephew asked if I made that song up and my hip instantly started hurting."