Carnie's Comments


It's Twitter Tuesday time!  I find the best of the week from the Twitterati.

Let's start with this loyal Saskatchewan Roughriders fan who writes, "Anyone else feeling depressed that they've paid to go to a Bombers vs. Argos game this weekend?"

Here's a thought from a guy who shares, "Imagine dying and being kicked out of a group chat."

If you have children or grandchildren, perhaps you can relate to this guy, "I thought I was a smart person until my 7-year-old brought home math homework."

This gal says, "Wanna catch up with old friends?  Just leave the house looking your worst and you'll run into them."

Comedian Crystal Lowery shares, "My husband is like a friend with benefits.  Healthcare benefits."

And one more from a local female member of the Twitterati who writes, "Having a man in your life is funny because they'll ask how your day was and you'll give them play by plays, do reenactments, give precise times of events, maybe even try different accents for effect.  Then you ask them how their day was and they just reply with, "It was good."