Carnie's Comments


Time for Twitter Tuesday!

Here's a guy who writes, "Worcestershire and iota have the same number of syllables.  This is why I have trust issues."

This one, "Couldn't sleep so I've been up watching TV since 3 AM and, long story short, I now own 3 air fryers, two rotisserie ovens, a Bowflex and 73 rolls of FlexTape."

Here's a father I follow who shares, "My son just randomly said, 'Hey dad I just realized that 1980 for me is like 1945 for you' and it's the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me."

This guy says, "Don't expect a 'bless you' after the 3rd sneeze.  Let's get it together."

A question, "Do you flip your pillow over to find a cool spot or are you a weirdo?"

Another question, "If you weren't transferred twice, put on hold, then hung up on, did you really call customer service?"

And one more from a guy who says, "If Twitter dies, let's all buy condos in the same complex, sit out on our patios and scream our Tweets at each other."