Carnie's Comments


It's Twitter Tuesday!  I toil all week to find the best from the Twitterati.

Let's start with this guy who Tweets, "Marriage is finding the one person you dislike slightly less than anyone else and deciding to pay bills together."

Here's one from a married gal who says, "My husband thinks he can just add random items to my junk drawer and I'm like, HELLO, THERE IS AN APPROVAL PROCESS!"

I like this, "Last week I helped my friend stay put.  It's a lot easier than helping someone move."

Here's a foodie who Tweets, "I want the whole enchilada and any others left unattended."

You might relate to this one, "If your DM says - I hope I'm not annoying you - guess what?

Comedian Crystal Lowery shares, "Pro tip:  If you lounge in bed with your eyes closed during the day and call it 'meditating', you've just gone from a lazy (individual) to cool, spiritual person.  Follow me for more life hacks."