Carnie's Comments


It's time for Twitter Tuesday.  I find the top Tweets from the Twitterati just for you.

This gals shares, "It's a Christmas miracle!  My neighbour took down the nativity scene before June this year."

I like this, "Someone just called my phone, sneezed and then hung up.  I'm getting sick and tired of these cold calls."

Comedian Dan Regan Tweets, "My wife texted me to pick her up something called hair nourishing elixir, so I'll be home sometime tomorrow."

Also from Dan, "I just called a TV show a 'program'.  Yeah, I'm ready for retirement."

Here's a funny, local lady who says, "I peaked in grade one.  I was killing it with naming shapes AND I had two boyfriends."

This guy Tweets, "Adulthood is when you constantly diet and exercise so you can maintain being 20 pounds overweight."

And one more from a girl who had nothing but still managed to be a presence, "I put a lot of effort into being this thoughtless.  Don't try to disrupt that."