Carnie's Comments


Time for Twitter Tuesday!  I find the best from the Twitterati.

Tweets like this, "I hide at work because a good employee is hard to find."

This middle aged gal I follow says, "When older people say, 'Enjoy them while they're young', they're talking about your knees and hips, not your children."

Here's a guy who Tweets, "My therapist asked if I was stuck in an elevator who would I want to be stuck with.  I said the elevator repairman."

I like this one, "I'm giving online air guitar lessons for free, no strings attached."

A mom shares this one, "At the stage of parenting where I specify to McDonalds to please, for the love of everything holy, make sure the toys in the happy meal are the same."

This guy Tweets, "If my wife and I did a cooking show together it would just be her telling me I'm in her way."

And one more from a fellow I follow who writes, "Short sleeve dress shirts say you want to look 60% professional."

Y'er welcome!