Carnie's Comments


Time to check in with the Twitterati on Twitter Tuesday.

We'll start with this one, "The best insult ever is, 'Who is this clown?', because you are calling them a clown AND you're saying they are not even a well known clown."

I like this, "If the earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off of it by now."

On a related note, "The surface of the earth is approximately 70% water.  None of it is carbonated, thus proving the earth is flat."

Here's a busy mom who shares, "Going into a teenager's room is like taking a trip to IKEA.  You pop in just to look and end up leaving with 6 cups, 2 plates, 3 bowls, a tea towel and some cutlery."

This guy's in trouble after this Tweet, "My wife said I don't listen.  She said some other stuff too, I think."

This one got some likes, "At the beach today and saw a man yelling, 'Help, shark!  Help!'.  I just laughed because I knew that shark was not going to help him."

Y'er welcome.