Carnie's Comments


It's time for Twitter Tuesday! I find the best of the best on X which, of course, many of us still call Twitter...because they can't stop us!

This guy says, "Never date a tennis player. Love means nothing to them."

Here's a funny fella who Tweets, "Welcome to your 40s. You're not bloated. That's just your body now."

I like this, "Some of you have never had to call a radio station to request your favourite song and it shows."

Here's one from a friend who shares, "If I had a spirit animal I'm pretty sure it'd be one of those dogs that struggles to jump up on the couch."

This dog owner Tweets, "Took my puppy to the vet today and they distracted him with a cozy bed, cookies and my family doctor needs to up their game."

A funny gal I follow says, "Rapscallions are just onions with street cred."

And one more, "Just had an officer at the door saying he was looking for a suspect with one eye. I told him to use both and he'd probably find him a lot quicker."


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