Carnie's Comments


So, I'm back at the radio station after a couple of weeks of vacation. 

People will ask me today if I'm refreshed. The answer is, NO. I'm tired and sore. 

I do have a refreshed feeling of contentment, though and I'll tell you why.

I took a road trip into central Alberta to see some of my favourite people. It was well worth the drive BUT, let me tell you, I don't like big city traffic.

The trip home started bright and early one day last week and had me going through Calgary during the morning rush. Talk about stressful! Everybody's in a hurry and you either keep up or get out of the way. 

Thousands of people face that traffic each and every work day. I can't imagine.

I was so happy when I finally made it to the outskirts on the two-lane Trans-Canada Highway after all the lane changes at high speeds. 

Modern technology helped me navigate the trip. Siri was my assistant. She told me where to go and how to get there and she made no mistakes. 

It was nice to get away and see my people but it was also good to get back home to Saskatchewan where highway travel is mostly stress-free and my commute to work is about 8 minutes...9 minutes if I hit a red light.