Carnie's Comments


They were talking about us on the popular Moose Jaw Dayz Facebook page this week.

A guy from Kelowna named Ronald Smith asked, "Does radio station CHAB in Moose Jaw still exist?"

The Facebookers jumped all over him, some hitting the laughing guy emoji.

Ronald wrote, "What's so funny? It's a legitimate question."

My friend, Don, asked, "You couldn't have just Googled it?"

Local lady Sharon piped up, writing, "Yes, I listen every morning. Just ask Alexa to play CHAB 800."

Lee Ellis, who attended Riverview Collegiate back in the day, replied to Sharon, saying, "I live in Ohio and thanks to Alexa, I can listen to it anytime I wish. Yay!"

Diane says we're "the best in the west" and Sandi said, "I think they are decent radio..."

Ronald would later tell us he goes back to the days of Dick Lillico on CHAB.

And, for the record, Ronald, I did not hit the laughing guy emoji. Thanks for sparking the conversation.  No publicity is bad publicity.