As we celebrate 100 years of broadcasting at CHAB, we've been taking time to share the memories.

The website gives us a summary of ownership at CHAB.

The local Kiwanis Club was the first owner-operator when we went to air as 10-AB with the Moose Jaw Amateur Radio Club taking over that same year and then a newly formed group calling itself the Moose Jaw Radio Association ran the operation from 1924 through 1933.

Local lawyer Carson Buchanan would run the show from '33 through '46 with partners Bill Davis and Jack Slaight taking over in 1947, operating the station until 1958 when the Moffat family era began.

Brothers Lloyd and Jack Moffat had a few years together but Lloyd passed away in 1964.  Jack would continue to operate the station until 1968. 

Jack was a progressive businessman with an eye on expanding the operation and that he did.

Jack Moffat's four daughters remember those days very well.

Ann Moffat, who now resides in BC, took some time to reminisce with us and shared the wonderful photo that goes with this story.  It was her first television appearance.

Have a listen to our visit.