We've been asking listeners to share personal memories of 800 CHAB during this, our 100th anniversary.

We're sharing some of them on DiscoverMooseJaw.com

Memories like this one, from Shannon Muri.

"My name is Shannon Muri.  When I was growing up, my dad (Philip) and I were active members of the South Saskatchewan Sight Hound Association.

My fond memory of CHAB is growing up on the farm when CHAB was the (best)!  Ha ha, EVERYONE listened!  I remember my dad and I going on long road trips for dog racing and singing many songs with my dad...sometimes my mom would come with us and they sang the songs together.  That's LOVE, right?

Even when I brought friends for our weekends of hound racing, we'd have so much fun and yes, singing with the music cranked to CHAB.  Happy 100 years!"

Thanks so much, Shannon and thanks for continuing to listen to CHAB.

We also received a note earlier this year from Deidre Nelson who shared some wonderful memories of her youth when she and her friends and family counted on CHAB for their entertainment.

"I am the soon-to-be-retiring administrator for the RM of Waverly No.44 in Glentworth and I've been going through old file drawers and finding many treasures. I realize that this is your radio stations' 100th anniversary this year and I found these letters stating the winners of The Amateur Hour, held jointly to celebrate the province's 60th in 1965 and country's 100th in 1967.  I thought you might find them interesting.

My husband and his family participated in this Amateur Hour and he was just speaking about this the other day.  

CHAB broadcasted the evening from Glentworth and he believes it was Cy Knight who was the MC.  The letters are attached."

What wonderful keepsakes!  Thanks for sharing, Deidre.

CHAB Letter New.jpg

CHAB Letter Two.jpg