COVID-19 health measures have restricted what Moose Jaw has to offer, and with this summer being the first somewhat restriction-free in over two years, the business community will be re-energized.  

Rob Clark, the CEO of the Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce says there’s a sigh of relief among businesses in Moose Jaw, with events and tourism happening again.  

“I think we’ve put everything in the rearview mirror now and everybody is looking forward to it,” says Clark. “Seeing people, meeting face-to-face – that's only healthy for people to get out and about.” 

“It’s going to help the economy. I’m a very strong believer that our economy is going to be strong and healthy here moving forward for this year and next year.” 

Clark has been seeing the excitement all over the business community for what this summer has in store for the city.  

“I witness it every day either talking or visiting people downtown when I’m out doing some site visits. Everyone is excited about it.”  

He notes that he is already seeing an influx of people nearing the end of spring, and when summer officially kicks off, he says businesses will flourish with tourists.  

Like the whole tourism industry across Canada, the pandemic caused major struggles for the Chamber, forcing them to transition to virtual events, and having to cancel others.  

“I’m just so proud of the business community, we did have virtual events, we had some think tank sessions. The business community here in Moose Jaw from where I sit in the Chamber are totally resilient, they were inspiring and how they go through it.” 

This spring event lineup kicked off for the Chamber back on April 27, as they hosted the 20th annual Business Excellence Awards (MJBEX), for the first in-person ceremony in 3 years.   

Clark spoke on some of the big events that will be taking over Moose Jaw this summer.  

“Sidewalk Days is coming to town here, it brings the community together downtown. The parade, the exhibition, and the RCMP Musical Ride is coming. That’s just a drop in the bucket of what’s actually happening within the community this summer.” 

You can find a full list of all upcoming Chamber events HERE.