A spot for City Council isn't the only thing up for the vote at this October's by-election, as residents will also have the opportunity to vote for a new member to join the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division Board.

In total, three candidates are vying for nominations, and that includes Christine Boyczuk.

Boyczuk has worked in numerous community groups as a volunteer and in leadership roles and is also a part of the Moose Jaw Literacy Network. She believes there are a few factors that would make her a good fit for the board.

"I've been involved in education my entire life in one way or another in many different capacities," Boyczuk said. "I really believe in the mission of the Catholic School Division and the education of the whole child. I also would want to represent the whole division."

She also sees this as a way for her to better serve her faith and if elected, she would take the chance to have a more head-on approach towards literacy.

A few things she believes could be beneficial board is her previous experience with strategic, generative, and trustee work and how she would be able to represent the organization as a whole opposed to representing certain ideas.

"I know that the mission of the organization is hope through learning and diversity in a Catholic environment," Boyczuk added. "So I think my interest has always been in learning and in diversity. I've been very involved in diversity and diverse cultures and diversity in regards to the various needs of children."

Boyczuk is one of three candidates running for the board; the other two are Alison Bradish and Teri-Ann Metz.