Rob Carnie (L) was joined by Majors Rosena and Mervyn Halvorson of the Moose Jaw Salvation Army to kick off the Christmas Wish at McDonald's

The Christmas Wish has returned!  800 CHAB, along with the Salvation Army in Moose Jaw, are asking you to drop off a new, unwrapped toy at McDonald's restaurant on Main Street in Moose Jaw sometime this month.

All toys are used by the Salvation Army as part of their Christmas hamper program. Last year, over 700 local families were given a hamper, with enough food to get through Christmas, and presents for the kids.

In addition to asking for our help with Christmas hampers, the Salvation Army could use more volunteers for their Christmas Kettle program, where volunteers "ring the bells" and encourage us to give donations which, in turn, make it possible for the Salvation Army to buy the food and other items for the Christmas hampers.  They are only three-hour shifts, and if you would like to spare some time "man-ing" a kettle, you can call 692-5899.