Moose Jaw City Council is moving forward with an amendment to the Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw to accommodate the proposed development at the site of the former Valley View Centre.

The application by Wallace Insights, consultants for Carpere Development, would create the city's first Direct Control District.

"It's for areas that have unique situations, large areas and that don't fit traditional zoning. Under the Direct Control District, it would have to follow precisely what has been included in the concept plan that was approved by city council already," explained Director of Planning and Development Michelle Sanson.

According to the OCP Future Land Use Map, the site is zoned as Community Service/Institutional District to reflect the land use of the now-closed Valley View Centre. The Future Land Use Map would need to be changed to Direct Control District in order for the project to move forward.

There is also an amendment because the map contains an error that identifies the Valley View site as an Environmental Conservation Easement. The conservation agreement includes lands to the west, east and south of the site, but the site itself is not a part of the agreement.

"This appears to be just errors and oversights from years gone by and I'd certainly be in favour of supporting this. The developer has been cooperative and willing to get regulatory approvals," said Coun. Jamey Logan.

The OCP currently allows Direct Control Districts however all development applications zoned under the district must enter into a development agreement with the city. City council agreed to amend the section to say it "may" be required to avoid an influx of small-scale proposals.

Regulations around the Direct Control District include the following:

  • Added land-use definitions including pop-up retail, live-work units, urban farming and business incubators.
  • Regulations for pop-up retail spaces.
  • Regulations to encourage active and pedestrian-oriented development whenever possible.
  • Requirement for landscaping plans.
  • Bicycle parking standards.
  • All development proposals, excluding one-dwelling and pop-up retail spaces, must be approved by city council.

Development proposals within a Direct Control District must include a conceptual design of the building, details on the exterior of the building, the relationship of the building to adjacent buildings, streets and exterior areas that the public would have access to, and any interior walkways, stairs and escalators that the public would have access to from streets, open spaces or interior walkways from adjacent buildings.

Carpere is looking to convert 150 acres of the Valley View site into a subdivision that would include green space, residential lots and a market square.