The City of Moose Jaw has announced that the intersection of 9th Ave SW and Grandview St. is scheduled to reopen to traffic by the evening of Thursday, June 30th.

Water Main Replacement construction continues at the following locations:

Grandview St. W and 6th Ave SW to 10th Ave SW: Construction and surface work is complete on the 600 and 700 blocks of Grandview St W. Construction continues on the 800 and 900 blocks. The 8th Ave SW intersection remains closed and the 10th Ave SW intersection will close effective July 5.

Ninth Ave SW and Duffield St to Vaughan St.: Both Duffield St and Vaughan St. intersections remain open.

1st Ave NW and Caribou St. W to Hall St. W: Construction is ongoing between Caribou St. and Oxford St. The intersection of Caribou St. W and 1st Ave NW remains open, the Oxford St W intersection is closed and the Hall St. W intersection is open.

As of June 15th, water main replacement construction was completed on Saskatchewan St. E from Main St. to 3rd NE. 475m of pvc water line was installed, and 420m of road was rebuilt and paved.

On Fairford St. E and 3rd Ave NE to 5th Ave NE construction and paving is complete and the road has reopened to traffic.

On Carleton St. and 9th Ave to 10th Ave NW paving is complete and the road has reopened to traffic.

Other locations selected for water main replacement in 2022 are:
• Athabasca St. E from 2nd Ave NE to 3rd Ave NE
• 2nd Ave NE from Athabasca St. E to Hochelaga St. E
• Main St. S from Grandview St. to Home St.
• Grandview St. E from Main St. S to 1st Ave SE

The city will continue to issue weekly water main construction updates on its website and through the City of Moose Jaw app.

The City of Moose Jaw asks all drivers to obey signage and exercise caution in construction zones for the safety of everyone.