A number of major agenda items are coming up when Moose Jaw City Council meets on Sunday night. 

A final decision is expected to be made in regards to the fate of the Coteau Street East bridge. 

City Council approved the demolition of the bridge in the 2021 budget. However, after city council received a letter and petition signed by 255 people, a motion was passed to refer the matter back to CN Rail for further information. 

City Administration is expected to recommend that demolition proceed in 2027 and look at a grade crossing on Home Street. 

Also on the agenda is contracting out of the Board of Revision services. 

The Board of Revision is an independent board that hears property assessment appeals. The board of currently made up of no fewer than three citizens-at-large. Board members are currently paid $150 to $250 per day for the board chair. 

The recommendation from City Administration is that the services be contracted out to Western Municipal Consulting. 

Residents on the 1000 and 1100 blocks of Second Avenue Northwest will be addressing City Council in regards to the one-sided narrow street parking. 

The residents are asking to allow two wheels to be parked on the boulevard as an alternative to the one-sided parking. 

Sponsorship for Regal Heights Park will be discussed Monday night. The recommendation is to award the naming rights to the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Club for $100,000 over 25 years. The payments would be made in three instalments. 

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