The siding is up and windows installed as the new recreation complex in Assiniboia is inching toward completion. 

Masonry work inside the building has begun as well as the installation of the dressing rooms. The stands are slated to go up by Dec. 18 and the roof will be installed before Christmas. 

“Just to drive by and see the progress, you can see it happening right before your eyes, so it is amazing to see,” said Assiniboia Mayor Sharon Schauenberg. 

The building is expected to open its doors to the public next summer. 

The $15.7 million facility is expected to include a rink, walking track, teen centre, and a pickleball court-sized gymnasium. 

Funding of the project included $11.5 million in grants from the provincial and federal governments and $4.2 million was fundraised by the Assiniboia Civic Improvement Association through efforts such as the Spring Fever Lottery. 

Recently it was also announced that Southland Coop purchased the naming rights for the facility. 

Schauenberg said the location of the recreational facility is perfect for attracting events. 

“It's going to be right in the heart of our town, so directly across from the Prince of Wales, across from our town office, and right beside our lovely shortly after our Shurniak Art Gallery,” Schauenberg said.  

“So, its’s kind of a little hub in that little corner there at the four-way stop. It's going be really quite the sight to behold.” 

On the other hand, the community will be saying goodbye to the old Civic Centre as this will be its final winter of activities before it is demolished.