The Saskatchewan Party Leadership Debate that took place in Weyburn, on November 30th has stirred up some controversy.

It was announced last Friday, December 8th, by Patrick Bundrock that the Saskatchewan party were given a letter accusing someone of leaking questions ahead of the debate.

Monday morning Alana Koch, Saskatchewan Party Leadership Candidate, released a statement saying that there is no truth to these accusations.

Koch says that the letter refers to a 'her' and since Tina Beaudry Mellor signed the letter, the automatic assumption is they are accusing Koch.

"These are ridiculous accusations.... and I appreciate the acknowledgment that they think I performed very well at the Weyburn debate. In fact, I have said if I had had the questions I could have done far better," said Koch.

Bundrock, in an email said "I can confirm that I received a letter signed by Scott Moe, Gord Wyant and Tina Beaudry-Mellor, which makes allegations related to the leadership race. The matter has been referred to the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC). The LEOC is currently investigating the complaint and I have no further comment until the investigation concludes."

"At this point, we haven't been contacted about the review, we just know the party is doing an internal review and that we hope to hear the results very quickly," said Koch.

Koch said that integrity is important to her, "we have a comprehensive policy platform as well as a mandate letter that speaks to the integrity and ethics I would govern with, with accountability and openness and transparency."

Ken Chevelldayoff, Saskatchewan Party Leadership Candidate said that he was asked to sign the letter shortly after the Weyburn debate but couldn't sign the letter because he didn't have any direct evidence like the other candidates said they did.

Scott Moe has released this statement:

"Party members expect a fair and transparent process for choosing a new leader for the Saskatchewan Party.
Very serious and concerning information has come forward with respect to the debate questions, and answers to those questions,  is provided in advance to one candidate.
I confirm I was a signatory to a letter asking the party to investigate this extremely serious situation.
Our expectation is the Party will quickly and thoroughly investigate the matter and take appropriate action to ensure the integrity of the race."

The new leader of the Saskatchewan Party is set to be chosen next month.