Standing behind the comments that Prairie South has been making this week, Cornerstone Christian School is also looking for answers over the Cast Iron Water Main Replacement Program in Moose Jaw.

The program would see property owners pays 30% of the cost to have aging water pipes replaced in front of their properties. Some of the lines are over 100 years old causing brown or rust filled water. The cost works out to about $170 per foot of property frontage.

Prairie South is arguing that they shouldn't have to pay because it would put such a strain on their budget that education would suffer as a result.  They want to be exempt from the program saying it will cost them about $1.35 million.

Cornerstone Principal Scott Robertson supports the argument being made by Prairie South and says the reason this wasn't brought up during the consultation process was because they never thought they would have to pay in the first place, saying schools don't pay property tax to begin with.

"The taxes for schools aren't levied because the government gives grants in lieu of those taxes to the cities. Over the years, it's sort of been the way it's happened."

Following Prairie South's call for exemption, Cornerstone Christian School also intends to have board representation at Monday's city council meeting to debate the water main payment plan.