Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

June 25th is an important date for Crop Insurance customers, as it is the deadline to submit Seeded Acreage Reports and file any unseeded acreage claims.

"Seeded acreage information is key to a producer's coverage," Saskatchewan Crop Insurance General Manager Stan Benjamin said. "It's used to determine what acres are insured and the coverage and premium on those acres, as well as to calculate any claims including unseeded acreage."

Seeded Acreage Reports also complete the requirements of the federal Spring Credit Advance Program. All Crop Insurance customers are required to complete a Seeded Acreage Report.

Seeded Acreage Report forms were mailed to customers in May and may be completed and returned to Crop Insurance by mail, fax or office visit. Seeded acreage information may also be submitted over the phone or, new for 2006, online via CropConnect.

Customers with acres that are too wet to seed must report their unseeded acreage claim to their customer service office by June 25th. Under the Unseeded Acreage feature,  customers receive $50 per eligible acre.

For more information on unseeded acreage or to assist with the completion of their 2006 Seeded Acreage Report, customers are asked to contact their customer service office at 1-888-935-0000.