Finding an interim solution to a dangerous intersection at Ninth Avenue Northwest and Highway 1 is on the agenda Monday night when City Council meets. 

According to SGI statistics given to Discover Moose Jaw, there have been 37 collisions at that intersection that resulted in 30 injuries but no deaths since 2010. 

Councillors will decide if it will throw its support behind business on the North Service Road that are asking the Ministry of Highways to install vehicle actuated traffic lights at the intersection as an interim measure. 

The recommendation from city administration is that the city supports adding vehicle actuated lights at the intersection of Thatcher Drive and Highway 1 as well. 

The city and the Ministry of Highways are currently conducting a Highway 1 corridor study. However, the city is anticipating that the study could be a lengthy process. 

Although on the agenda... 

A report will be going before city council about the feasibility of angle parking downtown on High Street East from First Avenue Northeast to Third Avenue Northeast including the 100 and 200 blocks of High Street East. 

The report comes after Mayor Clive Tolley received a letter from Downtown Moose Jaw Association chair Geoff Anderson on May 2 expressing support for angled parking on High Street East. City council directed city administration to investigate the feasibility during a meeting on May 9. 

A report to city council will address concerns brought forward by a resident about what is being done about derelict properties and an update on what the city is doing to rectify the situation. 

Finally, city council will decide on a four-week enhanced patrol program. It is being recommended by city administration after “a marked increase in unsettling incidents with people at city facilities, parks, green spaces and areas that the Moose Jaw Police Service patrol.” 

The pilot project would include the Commissionaire’s program at city facilities with logistical support, training and equipment being taken care of by the Moose Jaw Police Service. 

You can see a full rundown of city council’s agenda here.