Four areas around Saskatchewan broke record temperatures on Thursday. 

Coronach was the province’s hot spot with a high of 38.6 degrees, breaking the old record of 37.2 set in 1964. 

Further south, Assiniboia recorded a daytime high of 37.7 degrees, which broke the previous record of 35 degrees set back in 1983. 

Rockglen set a new record with temperatures soaring to 37.5 degrees. The previous record was 33.3 degrees set in 1971.  

Finally, the mercury hit 36.7 degrees in Lucky Lake, breaking the old record of 34.1 degrees in 1997. 

Here in Moose Jaw, an unofficial record was set as there are conflicting temperatures. NAV Canada’s reading at CFB Moose Jaw read 36.8 degrees at 3 p.m. on Thursday, which would have broken the record of 36.7 set in 1971. However, Environment Canada’s climate site recorded a temperature of 35.6, so the record was not officially broken.