Seventy-seven Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medals were awarded Monday afternoon at the Heritage Inn in Moose Jaw.

Medals were handed out for the constituencies of Moose Jaw North, Moose Jaw Wakamow, Lumsden-Morse, and Moosomin.

World War II Veteran Allen Cameron was honoured for his contributions to the Canadian Armed Forces.

"It's hard to put it into words. I left my brother over there, a lot of good friends and then come back and have a reception like this. It's excellent."

A reception was held following the presentation of the medals.

The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal (Saskatchewan) was created to celebrate the 70th anniversary year of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Accession to the Throne, which began on February 6, 2022. 

The medal is a tangible way for the province of Saskatchewan to honour Her late Majesty for her service to Canada. 

A total of 7,000 medals will be awarded to deserving citizens.

Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II approved the design of the medal in May 2022.

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal recipients from Monday are listed below:
*unable to attend

Moose Jaw North Constituency:

Nicole Ansell
Anne Bowes*
Nimone Campbell
Athena Cutts
Marlie Frei*
Whitney Friesen
Stephane Gauvin
Vivian Gauvin*
Joseph Haleli
Shelley Jones
Patricia Martynook
Warren Michelson
Nick Myers
Deborah Thorn
Lew Young

Moose Jaw Wakamow Constituency:

Jennifer Angus
Paulin M Apipila
Lorna Arnold
Aaron Bellavance*
Albert Boucher
Allen Cameron
Darlene Chalmers
Joel Cisneros
Kyleigh Coad
Angela Currie*
Lori Deets
Colleen Dell*
Dalton Duzan
Tony Engelberts
Hugh Fraser*
Mitchell Eritz
Dave Fitzsimmons
Sandra Gessner
Destiny Gibney*
Robin Gilroy*
Jess Hallsworth
Larry Hasmatali
Darrell Hawman
Todd Hudson
Bill Jameson*
Elisa Johnson
Christopher Lohnes
Doug Panko
Don Purington
Ronald Roy
E. Patrick Shea*
Craig Shirley
Michael Tomilin
Gary Veroba
Darlene Veroba
Tanya Veroba
Linzi Williamson*
Sherry Young*

Lumsden-Morse Constituency:

Jim Armstrong*
Bill Aulie
Verne Barber
Chantal Baudu
Lorne Bonk
Lisa Bratkoski
Terry Lynn Carefoot (posthumously)
Grant Clarke*
Graeme Crosbie
Neil Crosbie
Mark Ferrara*
George Grassick
Larry Hagerty
Fay Hagerty
Hendrik Heerspink
James. R. Hipkin
Paul Hofer
Christopher Jacobson
Raymond Jelinski
Dr. Suresh Kassett
Gerry Kerr
Roy Klym*
Melvin Krauss
Jstine LaBrash
Beverly Leaman
Thomas Lemon*
Clem Millar
Kevin Miller
Barry Needer
Corey Niedzielski*
Donald Ogilvie
Barbara Pittroff
Chelsea Elaine Rogal
Richard Wade Stach
Jacqueline Stephens
Patty Steward McCord
Lorne Straub*
Jason Tschetter
Michael Westrum*
Gary Edward Winkleman
Kathy Young

Mooseomin Constituency:

Eli Barsi
Roman Chernykh
Marina Chernykh
Marie Anne Fournier
Louis Hebert