main street


We've seen a few pop up over the years but that has all come to an end. City Council has approved an interim ban on digital signs in the heritage area of the downtown core.

It's part of a review being conducted on request by the Moose Jaw Heritage Advisory Committee Chaired by Ira Dales who believes the signs are taking away from the heritage feel of the area. There was a need for an interim bylaw so that a complete review can be conducted but it prevents any new signs from going up until that process is complete.

"Any digital billboard that is in place or has received the appropriate application won't be affected by the bylaw that will be created in the coming months."

The city will conduct a study on the signs to see exactly what the ban should encompass.  Dales says the committee is only worried about the heritage area of the downtown core but says he's not sure what could come out of the review process and is encouraging businesses to get involved.