Don Dornbrack was announced as this month's Notoriously Good Neighbour, a program created to recognize the friendly, generous and kind-hearted Moose Javians making a positive difference in our community.

Dornbrack displays all the characteristics of a good neighbor, according to Selinda England, who made the nomination. 

“I’ve seen Don mow his elderly neighbour’s lawn in summer (and) in winter, he’s shoveled driveways (mine and his other neighbour), happily volunteered to care for my cat when I’m away, loaned me tools while doing some DIY yard projects, and shared running and travel stories since we’re both into fitness and have lived abroad,” she said.

England added that thanks to Dornbrack’s repeated assistance with a smile on his face, he’s made her transition to being a homeowner very enjoyable, knowing she has a good neighbour willing to help.

She said Dornbrack has been seen mowing his elderly neighbour's lawn, shovelling area driveways, caring for neighbour's pets, and loaning tools.

As an official “Notoriously Good Neighbour”, Dornbrack has been awarded a gift card to Smitty’s Family Restaurant.

Moose Javians can nominate their Notoriously Good Neighbour with the Report An Issue feature on the city’s website or on the City of Moose Jaw app.

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