Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

Since the New Year's Day Fire of 2004, the Downtown Pride fund was created.

Monday, the group dispensed some of the money to a local business affected by the fire.

Mike Thul of Past Times Photography received a cheque for just over 27 hundred dollars.

He talks about the Downtown Pride Fund and what it means to him.

"To me it means great pride in the city that they can rally together and create a fund for something like this which is very nice."

Brain Martynook of the Chamber of Commerce talks about the fund.

"The Downtown Pride Fund was established by a group of us, 800 CHAB, the Times Herald and the Chamber of Commerce. We got together and said lets see if we can get a fund going to help the owners reconstruct and rebuild.

There is still just over 20 thousand dollars left in the fund that is to be allocated as the properties destroyed are redeveloped.