Holding an open house and job fair on Saturday, September 29th, the Saskatchewan Dragoons are looking for new recruits, and anyone who might be interested in what exactly it is reserves and military members do in our community. You will be able to talk with members, participate in exercises, and you can view military artifacts while you tour the historic armouries.

Sergeant Steven Cox is a member of the Saskatchewan Dragoons, and said they won't be the only ones hosting an open house Saturday;

"Its a mandatory open house being run by the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, so on the 29th, we are a part of a grand open house along with every other unit in the 38th Brigade. 38th Brigade spans from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northern Ontario"

"(It's) to bring the public to showcase what we have. They can come and check out the armouries, a lot of people have never been in the armouries," said Cox. "A free ride in the new TAPV (Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle), the big green military vehicle - the huge one, and if they want they can participate and we will give them military equipment and they can join us on a reconnaissance patrol. We'll give them a rubber rifle and a helmet and all that good stuff"

The come-and-go open house will take place at the Lieutenant Colonel DV Currie VC Armoury, with doors opening at 9 am and the day ending at 6.