Many people are planning to visit one of the provincial parks over the August long weekend, so the Government of Saskatchewan is asking motorists to drive safely and slowly through work zones.

"We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend," Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill said. "By slowing down and obeying signage in work zones we can ensure that drivers and workers all get home safely at the end of each day." 

Drivers are expected to obey all road signage and flag persons in work zones and slow down to 60 km/hr even if site workers aren't present.

Work zones could contain hazards that may not be easy to see to drivers, like sharp pavement drops or loose stones which require you to slow down.

Speed fines are tripled in Saskatchewan when workers are present on work sites.

Fines start at $210 and increase by $3 for every km/hr over the speed limit, up to a speed of 90 km/hr, and $6 for every km/hr over 90. A driver who speeds through a work zone at 100 km/hr will be issued a fine of $450, plus a victim surcharge of $80, for a total of $530.

The Saskatchewan government supplied several tools to help drivers plan their travel including a list of active work zones potentially in your path. These include: