Heather Eby is one of four candidates hoping to make the cut in the upcoming by-election. 

One thing that Eby feels puts her a step above the rest is her past experience; not only was she previously on Council, but she's also been busy with local boards and running her own home-based business. 

She was on City Council from 2009-2016 and believes there's more work that she could be doing for the benefit of our city.

The 2016 council results on election day.

"I felt like I still have good support in the community and also feel like I still have a lot left to offer City Council and the community as a whole. I just didn't feel like I was quite done doing what I had wanted to do while being there. Of course, I did not have any anticipation of there being a by-election, but when the opportunity came up it seemed like the perfect time to try and step back in."

Experience isn't the only thing that Eby has in her toolbox. She detailed what else she brings to the table and what she has been up to since not being re-elected last term. 

"I'm very community-orientated and I have lots and lots of contacts in the community and that makes me really accessible. Since I haven't been on Council in the last two years, I've been on the board of the Moose Jaw YMCA and I've been very fortunate to work there with some really talented individuals on the board, so I feel like I've also had some good mentorship there as well."

Eby missed a spot on Council by a small margin of votes in 2016, which is another reason why she wants to return to a seat in Council Chambers. 

"I feel like coming in mid-term a person really needs to be ready to hit the ground running, the budget cycle is supposed to start in October, which is much earlier than normal. Just to be able to slide into those things and have an understanding of the process and of what's expected, I think it would be really beneficial with all the experience that I do have."

The issue she would like to focus on, like many others, is infrastructure. However, she said that in the last six months her attention has shifted to wanting to the make the community a safe place. She believes Moose Jaw has seen more serious crimes lately, and that community members have spoken to her about it. As a result she would like to see what more supports we can offer law enforcement and other agencies to make our city even safer.