The program rolled out to replace the Provincial Training Allowance is now available for adults with low incomes to complete high school education, as well as workforce or skills training programs.  

The Education and Training Incentive was launched on Friday. 

The benefit, which is delivered through the current income support programs available with social services will see single people with no children or dependents eligible for $50 a month, families with one child $100 a month and families with two or more children receiving $200 a month on top of their other income assistance benefits. 

"The Education and Training Incentive offers financial support to people with low incomes, as they work toward building a brighter future for themselves and their families," Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky said. "I encourage these residents to learn more about the ETI and to access this important support that will open doors to a new career, greater financial stability, improving skills and more employment opportunities."