Environment and Climate Change Canada is looking into one potential tornado touchdown following Sunday night’s storm. 

Tornado warnings sprung up across south central Saskatchewan throughout the night. There is an investigation into a tornado touching down near Ceylon. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Terri Lang said it was your typical conditions to produce tornados. 

“We had light conditions through the atmosphere that allowed the wind speeds to change through the atmosphere and to go up, and that allows the storms to rotate,” she said. 

She added that the storm was well tracked and documented by storm chasers, so they don’t believe there were any more potential touchdowns. Discover Moose Jaw did receive reports of baseball-sized hail just north of the city near Highway 301.

Below is a video taken by Country 100’s Courtney Fielder as the storms rolled through Craven during Country Thunder: 

However, residents in southern Saskatchewan won't be getting a reprieve from the severe storms. 

Lang said southern Saskatchewan can expect more severe storms Monday afternoon and into Monday evening. 

“Especially along Highway 1 and south. Those look like the conditions will be the best for severe thunderstorms, so we're talking flooding rains, large hail, strong winds and the possibility of tornadoes once again."

She added that the storms should diminish as you head east and into the night and will taper off Tuesday morning.