Mosaic Place has been a hit. Thousands of people have walked through the front doors in the last eight months or so to enjoy what the new facility has to offer.  But now, some people are looking to upgrade the facility.

There have been a couple of complaints about the front stairs that lead to the arena. Despite elevators around the corner, a small group is pushing to have an escalator installed, saying the facility is not convenient enough.

Councillor Heather Eby explains the proposals was first talked about at a Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting. "This motion and discussion at the meeting came through a letter that we all received and that was received at the Parks and Rec Department from Mr. John Parsons. It is an issue that has been brought to my attention for sure from a number of people."

The advisory committee suggested that the escalator be installed if there was any money left over in the contingency fund when the project is complete.  While there is money expected to be in the fund when things are wrapped up later this year, it was explained Monday night that an escalator could cost over $800,000. However, that number would have been the price if it was installed during construction but since major alterations to the building would have to take place, the price would be much more.

Councillor Don Mitchell understands some of the concerns but wasn't in favour of the large expenditure. "We're a population that really needs more exercise and having two flights of stairs, for the majority of the population, is a good idea. So there's a question of the people that have particular needs, including disabled and elderly people, are they adequately serviced by the alternative that is there."

Just around the corner from the stairs is an elevator but there have been complaints of people who don't need to be using it causing line ups, forcing people in wheel chairs or the elderly to wait.

In the end, council decided against the motion to install an escalator.

Councillors discuss the idea of an escalator