On Tuesday, September 13, the City of Moose Jaw will continue its Enhanced Turf Management Program on City green space areas.  

All green spaces will be evaluated. Only those areas exhibiting high weed numbers will be sprayed, and these areas may only be “spot sprayed” to specifically target problem areas. The herbicide used will be PAR III. The use of pesticides in the areas has been reduced. 

Sports fields and parks to be sprayed are:  

  • YARA West Soccer Field 

  • Bullet Adams Diamond 

  • McCullough 

  • Westpark 

  • VLA Gate Park 

  • Wood Lily Park 

  • Kiwaniland Park 

  • Sunningdale Athletic Park 

  • North East Reservoir 

  • Optimist Park 

  • Crescent Park 

  • Rosedale Cemetery 

Before spraying, adjacent residents will be notified and areas to be sprayed will be placarded. 

For safety purposes, the City of Moose Jaw asks residents to stay off areas and keep their windows closed during spraying operations and for 24 hours afterward. 

If you are chemical-sensitive or have any questions regarding the City of Moose Jaw’s Turf Management program, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (306) 694-4447.