Harvest is in full swing, and Country 100 and 800 CHAB are showing their appreciation for YOU with Farmer Appreciation Harvest Edition. Get entered to win $50 to Carols Catering & Cafe for lunch and get the opportunity to pay it forward, surprising a follow farm with lunch too! And all entries qualify for the GRAND PRIZE: $1000 of FMC’s Express SG from Parrish & Heimbecker. Get entered here.  

Today's lucky winner was Allen Haavisto of Moose Jaw who paid it forward to Ryan Machmer. Here is what Allen had to say about his farming operation:  

"We are a 12000-acre farm outside of Moose Jaw as well and treating and seed cleaning plant we have 10-11 guys who work for us"

Courtney Fielder called Allen up to see how harvest is going and to award him with $50 to Carols Catering & Cafe: 

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