One of the many highlights of Kinsmen Sidewalk Days is discovering a new band.  

Porphyrios - the father-son duo Daniel and Mavrik Espelien – is set to take the stage today and tomorrow. 

The Espeliens stopped by the Country 100 and MIX 103 Morning Show on Friday to chat about their upcoming performances. 

“I would say our music is a good mix of blues, alternative and we play some country,” said Daniel. 

“We play some rock'n'roll songs. I think we have one like kind of jazzy song,” added Mavrik. 

The pair are set to play two shows at Kinsmen Sidewalk Days, the first Friday afternoon on the Grant Hall Main Stage at 2:00 p.m. and then again tomorrow on John’s Music Stage at 1:30 p.m. 

Mavrik, 11 years old, started playing the drums a couple of years ago. 

“I started learning in 2019, but before that we just kind of had the kit in our basement and I would like kind of play along to what he was doing,” said Mavrik. 

The pair have played a number of sold-out concerts in their hometown of Estevan. 

“We've been really fortunate to play some sold-out shows in Estevan. The SCMA winner, Last Birds, won Alternative Country Album of the Year. They actually gave us our first shot playing in Estevan for a sold-out crowd,” added Daniel. 

“It was an amazing night and that kind of opened some doors for us from there we were able to open for Jack Semple at the Orpheum Theater. That was another sold-out show. And then we also got to perform at a Bruins game during the intermissions, which was wild. It wasn't sold out, but it was pretty insane.” 

Hear Daniel and Mavrik Espelien’s conversation with Jordan Rivers below.