Moose Jaw is in the midst of receiving its first major heat wave of the summer this week into the weekend.  

Environment Canada is tracking a ridge of high pressure that has moved its way into south-central Saskatchewan, which is forecasted to bring scorching temperatures this week.  

“Our public forecast is calling for temperatures already above normal, but creeping into near warning criteria tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday,” says Natalie Hasell, Environment Canada Meteorologist. “The worst of the current forecast is for next weekend. Saturday and Sunday a forecast high of 34 degrees Celsius.” 

Tuesday’s high is expected to be around 31 degrees, Wednesday a little hotter at 34. Things will cool off on Thursday as a storm system is following the heat and a high of 27. Overnight lows throughout the week will be ranging from 13-17 degrees.  

Though residents are going to feel the heat with scorching temperatures, Hasell says the chance of breaking a heat record this week is unlikely.  

“While we do have some very hot days in the forecast it’s quite likely not going to be record-breaking. Take for instance July 12, the current forecast for tomorrow is 31. July 12th record was set back in 1897 at 37.8 degrees Celsius.” 

“The forecast for Wednesday at 34 degrees, if it ends up being a bit hotter than that, the record was set in 1959 at 36.1 degrees.” 

The same goes for Saturday and Sunday as their forecasted temperatures are much higher than the historic records. July 16’s (Saturday) record is 38.3 degrees, and July 17’s (Sunday) record is 37.8.  

As the temperatures keep climbing this week, Hasell adds this means people are more susceptible the various heat-related illnesses. 

“We want people to take precautions. It’s really important to pay attention to how you’re feeling and how the people around you are feeling, and know that heat can affect everyone, but there are some members of the public that are more susceptible and may need help.”  

The average high of July in Moose Jaw is 26.2 degrees. 

With the extreme heat in the forecast – severe storm systems such as thunderstorms and tornadoes usually follow, but not in this case.  

“While we are under the influence of a ridge, not expecting a whole lot of severe convective weather.” 

Wednesday night into Thursday residents will see some relief from the heat, as a brief low-pressure system will pass through Moose Jaw, with the possibility of thunderstorms, tornadoes, and a chance of rain.