Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued a fog advisory for a good portion of southern Saskatchewan, as dense fog moved into the area overnight.

The fog is expected to lift later this morning.

"There's actually a pretty impressive deck of clouds that's extending from northern BC and then southeast right through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and into the Dakotas and Minnesota and the American Midwest," explained meteorologist Rose Carlsen. "Quite a bit of fog and drizzle and freezing drizzle is happening under that cloud deck. So we do have fog advisories out for a good portion of southern Saskatchewan and some sites are receiving freezing drizzle."

She notes visibility on the roads could be a concern with fog that's this widespread and dense. Fog advisories are issued when near zero visibilities in fog are expected or occurring.

Meanwhile, Carlsen says an Alberta clipper dropped about 8 mm of rain in the Moose Jaw area last night.

"It travelled from Alberta southeast through southern Saskatchewan into Manitoba and is now over Minnesota and the Great Lakes area. Associated with that system, farther east and north there was quite a bit of freezing rain that fell but luckily Moose Jaw just had regular rain. The temperatures there managed to stay above zero. A decent amount of rain did fall at the site there."

Carlsen notes it's not uncommon to get rain in November.

"We are expecting to shift more towards winter weather but it's not unusual."

She adds the moisture will be beneficial for the growing season next year.

The fog advisories issued this morning for Moose Jaw have been lifted.

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