Ben Gamble's KMS rink in the Original 16 Cash League has a lot of talent attached to it, but the best part of their rink is how relaxed they are.

The Central grad and his team is now 3-and-1 after four weeks, following a 7-2 win over Stan Barnsley's Protec Electric rink (2-2) Wednesday night at the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre.

With the win pushing them to 3-1 on the season, Gamble talked about that comfort level.

“It’s our third or fourth year together, Gamble said. “For Wednesdays for Brayden (Mohns) and I, and I think for Gil (Dash) and Marie (Wright)… we just have so much fun together. It’s that one curling thing where you just enjoy coming down to Moose Jaw for Wednesday, because you just enjoy the company so much.”

Gamble said everyone is hoping for playoffs this season.

“We’re getting there. Everyone I feel... we haven’t been on the ice as much as we would have in previous seasons,” he said. “But every week we’re catching on, we’re on straighter ice. I’m happy with where we are. We’re on the right track to peak.”

They are looking up in the standings at only three teams, the undefeated 4-0 rinks of BTN (Danielle Sicinski), Easy Care Living (Lorraine Arguin) and Matt Froehlich. Wednesday, Sicinski edged Paws N Play (Donna Ackerman, 0-4) 7-6, Arguin defeated Here for the Beer (Patrick Ackerman, 0-4) 8-3, and Froehlich routed Joe Gunnis’ EMJ Marketing (0-4) 9-2.

The other games had Ryan Wenarchuk’s John’s Music rink (3-1) defeat Tyler Krupski’s Walchuk Masonary rink (1-3) 6-5 in an extra end, while Rob Sokchoff’s KalTire rink won 10-3 over Wade Gray’s Protec Video rink (1-3).

Next Wednesday’s schedule will have Gamble against Sicinski in the marquis matchup.