The price of gasoline in Moose Jaw saw its fair share of ups and downs in 2022, going as high as 206.9 in the summer, and as low as 133.9 twice last year.  

These fluctuations were due to the COVID-19 pandemic hampering demand, refinery disruptions, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and other factors.  

Now, that we’re 12 days into a new year, the average price of gas in Moose Jaw is 147.9 cents per litre, which it has been at for over a week.  

In saying that, in the last three weeks, gasoline prices have fluctuated around 10 cents a litre anywhere from 136.9 to 146.9.  

GasBuddy Petroleum Analyst, Patrick DeHaan says that the recent spike in prices has been due to the colder weather the province saw in late December.  

“That caused a number of cold weather-related equipment issues in the United States,” says DeHaan. “That has a profound impact on gasoline production and as a result, we had seen prices go back up. There is a little bit of a disconnect recently between the price of gasoline and oil.” 

DeHaan notes that in recent weeks the price of oil hasn’t broken out of a range from $70-$83 per barrel.  

Another factor in the price of fuel rising and the potential to continue going up is China, as they removed their zero-COVID policy prior to Christmas, which allowed them to reopen their economy for the first time in three years.  

“It depends on exactly what happens. If COVID-19 cases surge that could mean a drop in demand but if COVID cases go up more slowly that could lift oil demand globally. That and a weaker US dollar have been pushing the price of oil up.  

Though gas has stayed pretty stationary here in Moose Jaw, DeHaan is forecasting that in the next four to six weeks motorists will see more of a seasonal rise. 

DeHaan is hopeful though that these seasonal rises in gasoline prices will not be as record-setting as they were in 2022.  

“It still could be a turbulent one. In some provinces, we still could see a run at $2/litre in areas of the east coast. We could also see a run at $2/litre again on the west coast in areas of British Columbia. I don’t expect that for much of the interior of Canada.” 

He did add that $2/litre is not impossible, as only 12 days into 2023, the average price of gas in Saskatchewan is at 145.5 cents per litre.  

“Especially if we do get some exceptional events that happen but I’m hopeful that we can steer clear of that and steer clear of the record prices that we saw in 2022.” 

Moose Jaw and Saskatchewan do have somewhat of a cushion when it comes to price increases, due to Regina's oil refinery right down the street, which allows for somewhat of a lower cost to gas stations. 

"It certainly helps but doesn't completely isolate you. Certainly, you are more removed from the challenges that we saw in areas of the United States. It's not a stop-all."

The demand for gasoline is currently down, as we are in the colder months of the year, which is a reason why prices have stayed in that 136.9 to 146.9-cent per litre range.

As of Thursday morning, the price of gas in Moose Jaw is ranging from 143.9 at the low and all the way up to 147.9 at the high.  

Golden, BC, is still the most expensive city in Canada to fill your tank, as they are listing a price of 175.9 cents per litre. Rocky Mountain House, Atla., is the cheapest town in the country to fill up, as they are coming in with a low price of 112.9 cents per litre.